What’s happened to Arch? A few years back he was the darling of his film school class, a gifted screenwriter with a golden touch who seemed destined for greatness. Nowadays he’s nothing but an insufferable know-it-all who can do everything in the realm of screenwriting--except write a script! His time and fading talents are squandered on hanging out, drinking, working a dead end office job, and delivering windy park bench sermons to old friends about the failings of modern film.

During such a sermon, a mysterious bald-headed figure is drawn in by Arch’s words of cinematic wisdom. He is Vlad Rifka, A.K.A. “The Bringer of Death”, a retired ultimate fighting champion, with cinematic dreams of his own. Vlad has his sights set on a Hollywood career, and, it just so happens that he has the perfect vehicle to catapault him to superstardom: a religious sci-fi epic called “The Kingdom of Ultimate Power.” There are just two problems: it’s probably one of the worst ideas ever imagined and he needs someone to write it.

And who better to write it than Arch? At least that’s what Vlad strongly believes. The right thing to do, for any respectable writer, would be to say “no thanks”, but it’s just not Arch’s’ style to flatly refuse to write the world’s worst script—not that he’s actually planning on writing it. The temptation to keep a kooky character, like Vlad, around for his own condescending amusement is too powerful to resist.

However, that source of amusement increasingly becomes a source of anxiety. Vlad makes more and more uninvited visits to his writer’s apartment and with each encounter Arch’s excuses for not having written a word become flimsier and flimsier.

Despite this impending threat, Arch is still unable to make the words appear on the page and it’s not until one desperate final act that he must force himself to summon the creative powers that deserted him long ago. With the menacing fury of Vlad breathing down his neck can Arch find the cure for his writer’s block before he faces the chopping block?



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